The Team

Who are we:

Residencia España Invest is an intermediary for real estate investments in Spain and was created by Harry Prick's collaboration with a number of professional, local specialists of Dutch origin.

Harry Prick has been active in real estate for 15 years on several Spanish Costas and works for individuals, institutions and companies.

The team of specialists selected by Harry is thus a team with a Dutch sobriety. And they are deliberate and have qualities that greatly strengthen each other and in particular in selecting and developing large-scale projects.

What do we do and what is our network

We select real estate for individuals, institutions and companies on the Spanish Costas.

These can be both empty and rented resorts or properties that are controlled and/or renovated and developed into new construction projects, student resort hotels or luxury resorts.

Our extensive expertise in the Spanish real estate market and contacts with investors, local directors (a.o. mayors), banks and lawyers, offer us the opportunity to act quickly according to a fixed roadmap. In addition to our own activities, we have a network of specialists who support us where necessary. And so we achieve an optimal result.

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