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NEW TREND in student housing in SPAIN

Student Resort Valencia

Why Valencia:

Due to the large shortage and the influx of students from abroad

We have been informed about this by the reporting in newspapers and a leading lawyer from Valencia who has important, local contacts. But also contacts has banks, universities and the municipality.

According to the published figures will see 400,000 students come to Spain in the coming years 10% of which comes to Valencia. The municipality of Valencia gives to developers participation in the realization of student resorts so that there is no unnecessary time is lost.

Some facts:

1.  The current situation in Valencia is that at this the number of university students is already greater than the offer of homes and apartments that are for rent in the city. Many of them should therefore swerve to neighbouring towns (one hour by train). Every year Valencia, together with its own students, receives a large number of Erasmus students. 

2.  The 4 universities of Valencia are the second in Spain. The Valencia universities comprise 50% of private universities and 50% from public such as the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the European University, the Catholic University and CEU San Pablo. These universities have many faculties divided between Valencia. The polytechnic university is the fourth in Europe in terms of the number of Erasmus students. The Spanish universities that have the most foreign students, are Granada, the Computational University of Madrid, Valencia and those Polytechnic University of Valencia and Seville.

3.  In the ranking of the QS Best Student Cities, which designates the best cities in the world for students, Valencia was 2016 in the Top 100, and is, together with Madrid and Barcelona, one of the three unique Spanish cities that are included in the rank.

The Student Resort Formula

Student Resort goes in Spain realize various resorts with full-service formula.

The students we help at home establishment are the international students with parents who can financially facilitate the study and children a safe and stylish want to provide accommodation. 

StudentResort realizes student apartments in various sizes with a lounge, private kitchen and bathroom in a contemporary 5-star student complex.

StudentResort has all kinds of facilities and a high level of services, hospitality, security, atmosphere and relaxation room, in which the wishes of the resident are central. Students enjoy the privacy of the apartment, of the attractive facilities of the complex. This way of living gives an optimal study and living environment.

All in all, a full-service organization students feel comfortable and where there is nothing missing. Living spaces furnished and the general facilities consist of, lounge, computer room, study rooms, meeting room for a study group of 8 people, terrace and a room with food and drinks by a 24/7 vending machine service.  In addition,  the following on-call service, cleaning service, meals and medical facilities etcetra.

Rental and occupancy rates

Renting out the apartments goes into cooperation with the Private and Catholic universities and through its own network. Contacts with the universities have already been established. Because of that the locations are close to the universities and the centre will be there after expected to be an occupancy rate of almost 85 %. It is also universities.


The rents that are in market possible from €800 to €1000+ per month. Most matches 1 year. The rooms are furnished verhuurd a warranty amount and service charge.

Return for investors

Investing is possible from:

  • The start of the location purchase
  • During the development period
  • And from the running moment

These investments have a fixed interest allowance of 10 % per year.

If you would like to invest in Student Resort please contact us.

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